roach on a leaf

Roaches are common household insects that are found in many homes. They are some of the familiar household insects because of the safety and health risks associated with them. They include diseases such as asthma and allergies which are usually caused by the bacteria and germs that they carry and the cockroach allergens. They are primarily nocturnal insects that have great survival tactics and odd behavior. They can withstand extreme heat whether cold or hot. One of the most common questions about these insects is, do roaches bite? Well, let us explore some interesting facts about these insects.

Live without the head


The roaches can live for at least seven days without the head. This is because these insects have an open circulatory system that enables them breath through the little holes that are located on their body parts. The roaches are therefore not dependent on their head or mouth to breathe. The roach finally succumbs to death after a week because in the absence of the mouth it is unable to feed.


Different types of roaches prefer living in various areas. The American cockroach, for instance, prefers living in the wet, dark, and warm areas like the basement and sewers. They gain entrance into these areas via the pipes and drains. The roaches are not only found in people’s homes but large commercial buildings as well. Some of these buildings include hospitals, open air markets, and restaurants just but to mention a few.


There are different types of roaches. One of the most common types of roaches is referred to as the Newborn German roaches. This kind of insect matures into adulthood in about 36 days. This kind of cockroach is responsible for most of the diseases and the allergic reactions among many humans.

Impact of roaches

The roaches usually walk around dirty places in the home and therefore carry germs and bacteria which are responsible for the illnesses and the allergic reactions. When food is left open, the roaches can contaminate it by shedding off their skins. The waste by-product of the roaches together with the cast off skin are what trigger asthma and other allergic reactions, especially in kids.



One way of preventing your home from being infested with the roaches is by keeping the food storage, eating, and cooking areas dry and clean. Secondly, once you spot roaches in your home call the bugs management professionals who will help you get rid of the roaches and therefore prevent you from the diseases that they cause.